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Fastbender is a conduit bending solution. We place marks on conduits at 90 degree intervals. You can use these marks to keep your bends on the same plane while you’re bending. We need your support, Please share your interest.  Thanks!

( Conduit and Marks shown below do not represent actual end product.  What is shown are prototype design to illustrate concept. )

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Fastbender Inspiration

Fastbender was developed with the goal to assist electricians in their first 5 years of training.  Nowadays, It’s too hard to hide your learning curve of bending conduit.  The usual complaints may be that you’re taking too much time or you have too much waste.  Which is why we are glad to inform you that there is nothing on the market that will silently help you more than using conduit with the Fastbender marks.  Show your interest in Fastbender by submitting your email and help us get Fastbender in your hands right away.


Less time eyeballing alignment of bends. Either eliminate or spend less time fixing the dreaded dog-leg.


By adding lines directly on the conduit, locating any of your bending planes are now easier.


No more add on tools to store in your bags. No more using multiple levels on scissor lifts or slanted rooftops.

The New Way To Bend Conduit

Fastbender revolutionizes the way you can bend conduit so you get closer to that perfect bend every time. Measuring, marking, and your own knowledge. This is all you need now.

About FastBender

The Fastbender simple solution is to mark each conduit along it’s fully body length at 90 degree intervals.

Mark your conduit with desired marks according to the bend you are to perform.
Pick any Fastbender mark and align that mark with any reference point on the bender head.
Start your first bend.
Rotate the conduit and pick any side while using its relative Fastbender mark. No eyeballing required.
As your bends get more complicated the Fastbender marks will provide guidance across multiple planes.
From your first Fastbender use, you’ll see an immediate reduction of doglegging.

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Frequently Asked Questions About FastBender

When you start bending, bend on any marks that are lined up with a mark on your bender head tool. This will allow you to rotate back to bend on the same plane / mark.

Yes, the Fastbender marks are Patent Pending.

You can enter your email address here on our site to be put on our update list, or check our website for updates. was developed as informational only. We will post partnership information and will share info with you when you enter your email address for updates.  Don’t worry, we won’t sell or rent your email address to anyone else.

YES! Having multiple marks alongside the full length of conduit is far superior to having just one point of reference which is what you have when you are using a No-Dog screw on tool to eliminate Dog-Legging.

Yes. We will be uploading many videos and other tutorial information which will help illustrate how to take full advantage of the Fastbender method.  You can contact us here on our website as well.

No. You will still need to know and be proficient at bending degrees and your take ups. Fastbender marks are merely there to help you keep those bends on the same bending plane.

Unfortunately no. There are various reasons why Dog-Legging cannot be solved 100% of the time.

Using imperfect conduit that may be slightly pre-bent.  Or using a hand bender with a shoe head that might be damaged and may not allow the conduit to sit correctly are just a few reasons that you could still experience some dog-legging.

But the Fastbender lines will greatly help you get back on track to fix those dog-legging woes.

Because you are using the Fastbender marks on more of your bends along the full length of conduit, our studies have shown that the Fastbender marks are used around  80% – 90% of the time.


Ramon Dawson
Product Developer / Entrepreneur
Commercial Electrician 15+ years

Ramon: Job security. I strive everyday to be the best I can be by doing the best I can do.  I do it for job security.  I have always been a person who likes to help others.  It’s probably because I was always in need of help myself.  This is why Fastbender means so much to me.  It’s because we sincerely hope that Fastbender marks will become that everyday helper towards your very own job security.


Omar Rebhan
Lead Mechanical and Design Engineer

Omar: When I was a little boy I would look up, stare at the stars and try to count them all one by one. Now in my early thirties, in a way, I still feel like that little boy staring up at the stars, counting them one by one. That’s the story of a design engineer. I oftentimes have to look up and capture the dreams of my clients from amongst the stars. Although the stars seemingly are uncountable, I strive to achieve and succeed the expectations of my client’s everyday.

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